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Our Omaha plumbing company can’t be beat when it comes to commitment to our customers and passion for our trade. What really sets this plumbing company apart is our PASSION for our employees! Big Birge Plumbing employs a crew full of highly trained, licensed, and dedicated plumbers and professionals to handle all your plumbing needs. Get to know our crew by reading more below & if you’d like read about our owners here.

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Kevin Dai

People love Kevin! With his charismatic charm and honest, all-American values, he takes charge and gets things done. Kevin got into the plumbing trade in 2000 at the age of 19 at the urging of his older brother who is also in the field. Thanks to a father who instilled in him a do-it-yourself attitude and a strong work ethic from an early age, Kevin took to plumbing very quickly. He apprenticed for a highly skilled craftsman who helped him learn to problem-solve and troubleshoot. Kevin earned his journeyman’s license and has worked as a foreman for more than a decade. He and Brad met shortly after Kevin began plumbing, and they discovered they work well together—Kevin used to be Brad’s foreman!—so Kevin was happy to join the team at Big Birge Plumbing. Kevin married his wife, Christy, in 2005, and they have three children named Kaycie, Brody, and Kinley.

Jesse Morton

Jesse was our very first employee at Big Birge Plumbing! His rational logic and innovative thinking prove that he will excel at this trade. Jesse loves solving complex problems and pushing himself to achieve more. He’s a hometown guy from North Omaha and has awesome football skills. When he’s not providing amazing service to our customers, Jesse likes to hang out with his girlfriend, Chelsea, daughter Amelia, and his dog, cat, and turtles (he really loves turtles!), as well as work out and play video games.

John Schneider

Omaha native John is a nice guy with a heart of gold, but don’t be surprised when he busts out his leadership skills and motivation! John is a proactive worker who sees exactly what needs to be done and follows through. Driven and dedicated, he thrives on the job site, then relaxes at the lake with his family full of nieces and nephews.

William Birge

After building a successful career as a top chef in Omaha (Jackson Street Tavern and Kitchen Table, anyone?), William traded in his knives for wrenches and joined his older brother Brad at Big Birge Plumbing after seeing the passion and drive within the growing company. William brings his well-mannered personality, striking good looks, and excellent people skills to the team, and he’s already a hit with customers. Yes, he still cooks, too—don’t be afraid to ask him to host your next dinner party!

Katie Kelly

Katie, a former Omaha hairstylist for 14 years before deciding to branch out into the plumbing world. We have been lucky to have her and her many talents around the Big Birge Plumbing office! From her incredible organizational and leadership skills, to her contagious positive attitude, Katie keeps our office running. When she’s not delighting customers or contractors over the phone, she can be found at home with her three daughters, Leah, Lainey, and Lydia.

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Scott Dai

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Jeremiah Sheard

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Irvin Finney

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Cameron Wagnor

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Rob Stokes

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  • Install USA-Made Products

  • We’re Personable & Friendly

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