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Because the planning process for new construction involves communication, Scott Dai, commercial estimator and project manager for Big Birge Plumbing, says the work has to begin early. “My involvement early in the construction process is to review plans and specifications and bring together all the data we need to put together the best plan, and complete the project in a timely and efficient manner. Work closely with the foreman and journeyman ensuring they are familiar with all aspects of the material take off,” Dai points out.

While working with Big Birge Plumbing, Dai helped complete Blackstone Depot and Dino’s Storage in 2018, and additional projects are already underway for 2019.

Scott Dai
Scott Dai

Perhaps family learning experiences are the perfect preparation for this kind of flexible communication. Dai spoke about how his own background has inspired his work. “My personal source of inspiration would have to be both of my parents. I grew up with five brothers and one sister and looking back and reflecting on how the two of them worked as a team, always with the same common goal, making sure all our needs were met,” says Dai.

One of the most important tasks for Dai is understanding plumbing code requirements. “One aspect of a construction project that may be overlooked by the general public is applicable plumbing code. There are several different plumbing codes in the surrounding metropolitan area. As a certified plumbing instructor in Nebraska and Iowa, I am always reviewing the applicable codes including the OPC (Omaha Plumbing Code), the IPC (International Plumbing Code), and UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) not to mention the different amendments that might be involved with the different areas. The Plumbing code will impact which type of materials to use, fixture requirements, etc. which could have an important effect on the bottom line.”

Dai’s most important piece of advice to those preparing to begin a commercial construction project is to do their research and get referrals.

“As an owner/investor you are going to have a lot invested in your project, you are going to want to use people that will have your best interest in mind. It all starts with the Architect/Engineer, they are going to formulate your design to a plan format. Next, the general contractor/builder, he is going to bring all the subcontractors together and build your design. Trust that he will build a team of subcontractors that will feel just as responsible for your investment as you do. The old cliché ‘You get what you pay for’ is true. Do not necessarily go with the lowest number, use the best number.”

Scott Dai,Commercial Estimator at Big Birge Plumbing

Big Birge Plumbing has multiple construction projects in the works for 2019. Three expected to be completed this year include 32nd and Burt Street Elementary, the Fitzgerald, and an additional Dino’s Storage location.

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